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Dave Ramsey and the Gossip Problem

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The recent social media dust-up surrounding Dave Ramsey surprised me. I’ve followed his teachings (and promoted them at every single church I’ve been a part of) for over ten years. I couldn’t imagine him getting his briefs in a bind over some parody Twitter accounts—which, last time I checked, are protected under that whole “freedom of speech” idea.

I have heard Ramsey blast the concept of “gossip,” over and over again, on the radio show. He’s referred to it as one of the most toxic things that can happen in any business, or any church. In some respects, he’s right. Unsubstantiated rumors can destroy a person’s reputation, influence, ministry, or job. Vindictive, cruel individuals have no qualms about using distortions, faulty appeals to emotion, or flat-out lies to tear down another person. I’ve personally been in the cross-hairs of liars and manipulators, and it’s not a fun place to…

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Just say no

For this holiday season my prayers go out to a family.

Mom drank, got drunk and fell down the stairs in their home and died.

Merry Christmas to them.  NOT!

Growing up with an alcoholic is very hard on a child as it is.  The tragedy that comes along with growing up with a drunk is tragic enough.  So many harsh memories to deal with as a child.  Death from the disease that is by far the worst and especially to take in at this type of year.

My heart absolutely goes out to the husband and her children may God be with them.

The picture below doesn’t show her it is just a general picture I made.  I personally do not like to drink I think because of my childhood and if I do drink I can not hold my liquor.  So I just say no.  I teach my children from this tender age about so many things about life and alcohol as well.


FREE Music and local musicians wanted!

FREE Music and local musicians wanted!.