There is no rhyme or reason to the order of my works just like my life seems to be, oh so random.  Everything I have written and all my picture compilations I have made on my Pizap page hold some powerful message pertaining to life itself.  Examples of my work can be dark, upbeat, witty, spontaneous, heart warming, gut wrenching: but all in all it is real!   If I make a difference in someone’s life then my work here on this earth is done.  I have been writing for all my life and my Pizap page exploded with life last year with already over 3,400 images and sayings.  I have a passion and zest for words.  Everyone in life needs to tune in to their passion and this is mine.  With all the glimpses of failure in my life maybe this will be my success.   My heart and soul come through my fingers and unleash fantasies locked in my brain into a twisted reality called:


Momentary Lapse Of Sanity












589 thoughts on “Prattling Eccentricities

      1. That’s just my personal observation. The horizontal scrolling takes some getting used to. The Menu page is just weird.
        Don’t change anything on my account, because if it explodes, I do not want to be held liable. Heheheheh!
        Good luck!

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            1. Oh yes I know people are easily offended for sure! Those people are everywhere. Well after you told me that my blog was tough to navigate I told my husband that I was playing around with themes just a couple days ago and I was up in the air about changing it and I told him that out of no where God sent me my answer through your comment. The he proceeds to tell me yes it sucks the scroll feature is hard to deal with and he especially thinks it is hard to deal with when trying to read my blog at work on his phone. Funny how meant to be things just happen like that. I’ve played around with a couple themes tonight and I took all his advice to heart on what he wants to see that would be easy to navigate and what features he would like to access and from where. So voila I think I have a theme that might be user friendly now. Haha! Never be careful takes risks if a person can’t handle criticism or truth then that’s their problem not yours! I love getting advice and I really try to be open minded on taking advice. Thank you so much I appreciate your feedback. Have an amazing night.

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              1. Well, I’m glad that I said something! As you can see from my blog, I speak my mind. We should not expect everyone to try and offend us. We should actually listen to what they have to say and evaluate it accordingly, before jumping to conclusions. I’m so happy to meet people who are on the same page!
                I just checked your new layout and it’s like night and day! Love it!

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  1. Thank you for following my blog. I’m also very happy to be following yours. I love everything about this blog. It provides nourishment for mind and emotions. You’re bold enough to say what many us wish to say but dare not; and you say it well.

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