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“Eternal Senescence”

The Vision of Poets

“Eternal Senescence”
The tiny intricate veins
Were becoming more visible
With each passing day
As the skin continues to wither
The hues of amethyst and crimson
Spreading their colors
Beneath the thin layers
As if bleeding beneath the surface
Copiously more frail than that
Of merely a few days passed
Sunlight exposing the newly
Formed lines of degeneration
And yet, while fully immersed
Within eternal senescence
The beauty still reigns within
The dignity of being
Hues of colors never imagined
Radiating within their individual splendor
While the frangibility of existence
Pendulates between this world and the next
Its fragility lingers from birth
Until passing into the unknown
But in its existence…
Radiates the beauty of the universe
Immured into one single life…
Even for a maple leaf

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Often pendulating between this world and the next…


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