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Fragrant Whiskey Infusion


The plan was to go to a bar here in Denver that, from its name at least, promised to have a good selection of whiskies.IMG_0097

And indeed, the Whiskey Bar on Larimer Street had a big selection of whiskies and a strong theme of whiskey throughout. It was also just a little bit loud for the kind of conversation we were having – a visit with an old friend who we hadn’t seen in years, catching up on life. IMG_0084

So we wandered out and into the place right next door, which promised wine and cigars. The sweet fragrance of rich cigar smoke wafted through the open door (who knew Denver could be so warm and sunny on a Sunday afternoon in January?), and once inside the Palma Cigar and Wine Bar, we knew we were in one of those true local gems I always hope to find while traveling, but…

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Physician Suicide

Disrupted Physician

Physician Suicide.

Physician Suicide 101:  Secrets, lies and solutions by Dr. Pamela Wible, M.D., is now featured on  Please read and comment!   We need to use this as a stepping stone to start discussing the Elephant in the room; state Physician Health Programs (PHPs) organized under the Federation of State Physician Health Programs.  These programs once served the dual purpose of helping sick doctors and protecting the public from harm.

Taken over by the “impaired physician” movement the current manifestation is one of absolute power and unrestrained managerial authority with no meaningful oversight, regulation or accountability.  It is a culture of institutional injustice that is preventing doctors from seeking help for fear of being ensnared and monitored by them.  Those being monitored by them are subject to bullying, abuse and forced 12-step indoctrination under threat of loss of licensure.  Many of these doctors do not even have an addiction…

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REVIEW: A Patriot’s Act

Markus Book Reviews

patriot-jpg‘A Patriot’s Act’ by Kenneth Eade is one hell of a legal thriller that challenges everything we know about justice and freedom. The intense opening chapter introduces us to Ahmed, an Iraqi-born, naturalized American citizen, who is falsely accused of being involved in terrorist activities. We meet him in the most terrible of situations deep in the heart of Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The details are rather sketchy, but the graphic depiction of the torture is unmistakable.

Enter Brent Marks, an attorney who is given the unenviable task of defending Ahmed, with the ultimate goal of freeing the man. It all appears to be a losing battle, because after all, who wins against the government? This is where it gets very interesting because the unpredictability of the outcome builds the tension to near uncomfortable level. The suspense gets you involved straight away.

The brilliant set up creates this sense of…

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4THE LUCK OF THE WEISSENSTEINERS has reached over 60,000 readers and has passed the 200 review mark on Amazon. The last few days saw another great roll of mostly appreciative and kind write-ups. I anticipated a flood of critical reviews who would repeat the worst that has been said about the book. 
What joy to find that so many people see the good and the best of the story.
5.0 out of 5 stars lucky is too weak a word, January 26, 2015
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
The weissensteiners were Blessed beyond belief,,, tho I know this Is a fictional book. But seemed like many of the things they went through have happened in real life. Great story,,,strong women, This book still gave a true sense of what the Holocaust was really like for many.
5.0 out of 5 stars“The most thoughtless of ages…, January 25, 2015

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