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Welcome to the New Age

Hey, I just got done crying….a lot’s happened in the past few months.

I was just enjoying myself for once by singing and recording (my true passion I tell almost no one about) and decided to delve into some old songs i loved as a kid, particularly the older classic mariah carey songs. I know all of her lyrics, to every song. This dates back to tapes.

Anyway being an avid Law of Attraction-er, I chose carefully the songs i wanted to delve into, so as to enjoy the feeling, knowing that just the enjoyment of a feeling, will bring more of that feeling.

What really brings the love passion out in me like no other, is 1 thing, and that is, another secret of mine, known as my twin flame. I never speak about this to people, because unless they are a true twin flame, that has met their…

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the rains the rains runningboards IMF school golf and a ginger wig


The rains come down, how the september rains come down! From drizzles and mists to wind-driven blinding sheets, mostly blinding sheets. Saturday afternoon was spectacular with such driving rain i feared the balcony was going to be washed away and me with it. Worse is expected and not looked forward to. Bangkok’s governor warns that heavy rains due at the end of the month will coincide with the annual high tides and severe flooding is unavoidable, flooding similar to what the city experienced in 1983. If that happens then it will be quite serious as the ’83 floods put the place out of whack for several days. I don’t fancy wading everywhere. A seasoned colleague tells me that during the ’83 flooding he disappeared down a manhole outside the Indra Hotel and barely survived and since that’s where my local supermarket is i’m now making careful mental notes of the…

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the twelve days of Christmas


on the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me
an Ayatollah on a prayer spree

on the second day of Christmas
my true love sent to me
two Franciscan nuns
and an Ayatollah on a prayer spree

on the third day of Christmas
my true love sent to me
three pale Jains

on the fourth day…
four Sunni Kurds

on the fifth day…
five Orthodox Greeks

on the sixth day…
six Wiccans spelling

on the seventh day…
seven Sufis spinning

on the eighth day…
eight Quakers shaking

on the ninth day…
nine Pandits chanting

on the tenth day…
ten Jews a–wailing

on the eleventh day…
eleven Baptists bathing

on the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me
twelve Rastas reefing
eleven Baptists bathing
ten Jews a-wailing
nine Pandits chanting
eight Quakers shaking
seven Sufis spinning

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child star


Apologies to All for yesterday’s unintentional re-posting of ’emperor penguins’.
A few days back, the birds disappeared for some reason best known to them or to the gremlins
in the ether and in my clumsy attempt to recover them – tech and i don’t get on – i re-posted them. Forgive me.

child star

i see again the december sun in Ireland
shuffle past the odour-heavy barn
and droop on the western hedge
run through by thorn

that old as Methuselah star
i once lifted out of a small boxed world
and hung on another time faroff sky

above the just arrived Christmas cards
and tree and feasting solstice
light for a humble coming
ice-bright train that stopped a while
to let me catch my breath

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I was your miracle


Joel Osteen


OMG that shit stinks


Wishy Washy that is me!