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Come Undone (If I Go Part ll)

If I Go

Loved Wrongly

The Vision of Poets

Loved Wrongly

Good evening everyone.  I was going to post something other than what I have decided to post tonight, but due to a situation concerning someone who is very dear to my heart I changed the post to something more serious…
I thank all who take the time to read it and all who take the time to help another…

“Loved wrongly”
I’m not sure what to call it exactly…
Perhaps pretentious…
Perhaps ignorance…
Perhaps stupidity…
Those are the terms I would use
To describe your most recent actions…
I suppose that you would call it love…
Perhaps you would say he needs you
And that he cannot survive without your
Caring and mothering affections…
Yet you and I both know that he will survive…
With or without you…
I’m nearly certain that he can find another
Innocent who will be so willing to offer him their
Unbruised neck to…

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Inducing a Smile

The Vision of Poets

Althea bee 4

Inducing a Smile
Good evening fellow bloggers and visitors from other worlds,,.
Just feeling a little on the lighter side of writing today, so I thought… (ahh ohh – a thought… that’s not always a good thing with me)…
So, I thought that I would offer a couple of Haikus and of course, as most of you have come to realize, I never seem to be able to write a serious Haiku… So here are a couple of un-serious ones and a short, also un-serious poem, strictly in the attempt to induce some serious smiles…

Fairy Tale Haiku
Once upon a time
On a blog, far far away
There lived a haiku
Mother Nature Haiku (or maybe not)
You took my flower
Then you pollinated me
Most Bee U T full
Okay… done with the Haiku
The Sting
That was a serious…

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Christmas Movie Season


Since it’s Christmas time, it’s only appropriate that I celebrate by having a Christmas movie marathon. Thanks to ABC Family and The Hallmark Channel, I’ll be watching Christmas Movies for the month of December. Not only will I be watching some new school Christmas flicks, but also some classics, such as, Home Alone and The Santa Claus.

I’m currently watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on ABC Family, while eating dinner. Looks like I’m in for the night.

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friday movie quote

Nobody Move!


“Alright, I gotta hang-up now, because I gotta go kill everybody.”

-Grimm (Bill Murray), Quick Change (1990)

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