Small Coffin


The cowardly attack by Talibani terrorist on the military school at Peshawar killed 137 innocent children made my heart bleed. May Almighty give the strength to the families of the departed and show the right path to that failed state…


Small Coffin

Steaming tea in chilly weather

For breakfast we sat together

“Good morning Abbujaan”

It was my innocent Sulemaan

Chubby and cute even at fourteen

Obedience filled till the brim

He showed me his science notebook

Said, “Abbu, Please Have a look”

Teacher has given him good grades

“Keep it up my Boy” and I kissed his forehead

His forehead was a bit warm

While gently applying unani balm

I cautioned “Don’t go to school today, take some rest”

He refused saying, “We have a maths test”

“I had practised all the night”

“Inshalla everything will be alright”

Today, on his way to school with me

He declared…

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