The Sureshot

As I was finishing my teaching credential, the program director gave me a book entitled Let Your Life Speak by Parker J Palmer. My director was fond of quoting him. She credited him with the line “We teach who we are.” It may be a bit of a erudite thing to say but I took it to mean that who we are is reflected in our teaching. I believe the same is true in writing. We write who we are.

As I reflected on my latest released piece, “Goblins” I realized that I clearly have a pattern or a theme in my writing. I obviously love to write adventure stories. I also have strong themes of companionship in my writing. Whether it is Durbar and Maklar, or Durbar and Rothan in my Sureshot series, or the Goblin Brothers Nyx and Zyx in that series or the Dwarf Brothers Biggs and…

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