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My SHOCKING Dream About President Donald J. Trump

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Obama & Smollett’s Stories Are Proof That White Privilege Does NOT Exist!

TRUTH, The Hodgetwins!

Obama & Smollett’s Stories Are Proof That White Privilege Does NOT Exist! 


Dr. Scott Atlas slams ‘hysteria’ over reopening schools as COVID-19 cases spike across America

Jul. 13, 2020 – 4:20 – I feel like I’m living in a Kafka novel, says Dr. Scott Atlas, senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and former chief of neurology at Stanford University Medical Center.


I am over the COVID hysteria!!!

I am over the COVID hysteria!!! It is a virus so it will spread JUST LIKE THE FLU. People will die, JUST LIKE THE FLU. We should not shut down life, postpone school/work/sports. The requirements for masks are unfounded and unnecessary. With all these infection numbers supposedly elevated, why are we not hearing about A proportional rise in deaths? Is it because, JUST LIKE THE FLU, the most at risk individuals have been affected? You cannot tell me that as easily spread and contagious as Covid supposedly is that we all have not come in contact with the virus at some point by now. Quit buying into the hysteria in pandering to the ones who want to control things. I am tired of living in the appeasement culture. This is all being perpetuated by those who think everyone should receive a participation metal.

Posted by: Ethan Sabine

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If you’re forced to draw your weapon in self-defense, these 6 things could determine whether you’ll be heading home to your family, or heading to jail in a cop car…

Pastor slams CNN, Don Lemon for claiming Jesus wasn’t perfect: ‘Uncontested champions of Fake News’


Ronald Reagan Knew How To Handle Protesters

Remember when we had a president that respected the rule of law?