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Smartphone to laptop transformation

NEWS DIGEST 20.06.2020: Not a great week for technology

Today’s news bulletin comes to you via Facebook. The chief executive officer of one of Europe’s most up-and-coming technology firms, Wirecard, has resigned as the company is plunged into crisis with USD $2 billion unaccounted for. Markus Braun, based at Wirecard’s headquarters in Germany, quit his post after auditors from accountancy giant EY discovered a €1.9 billion ($2.1 billion) cash black hole. The value of shares in the company crashed while early news reports suggest Wirecard may have been the victim of an elaborate fraud. The firm processes payments for consumers and businesses, and sells data analytics services – employing 6,000 people in twenty-six countries – Wirecard CEO quits after $2 billion goes missing and fraud accusations fly (CNN Business)

As the UK decides to ditch its homemade coronavirus track-and-trace app, and opt for an out-of-the-box solution engineered by tech firms Apple and Google, it was revealed by BBC News

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NEWS DIGEST 04.07.2020: In the UK, they’re deciding who stays and who leaves

All news featured here today comes from Facebook. It was revealed in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper on the 1st July that Prince Charles, who is also the Duke of Cornwall, has received £1 million GBP from the estates of Cornish people who have died intestate, that is without a will in place, due to ancient laws, even though his Duchy salary is around £22 million per annum. Allegedly the money gained from the estates of deceased residents of the Duchy is used to fund the Prince’s charitable initiatives – Prince Charles bags £1m from Cornish people dying without a will under archaic rules (The Telegraph)

The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has urged his country’s people to be ‘sensible’ as its nationwide lockdown is being eased, reported BBC News. In reference to the lockdown rules as observed in England, non-essential businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers/barbers, pubs and cinemas will…

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NEWS DIGEST 27.06.2020: Stanley Gibbons stamp shop to reopen, other stories

Today’s News Digest is brought to you from my personal Twitter account @VShah1984. World famous stamp collectors shop Stanley Gibbons @StanleyGibbons, based in the heart of London, has announced via Twitter that it will be re-opening its newly refurbished store this coming Monday. The company, founded in 1856 by Edward Stanley Gibbons and situated in Covent Garden, will unveil brand-new exhibits of postage and revenue stamps, as well as client rooms and a space for stamp auctions.

US News, via news blog #AceBreakingNews, reports that the government of Greece is planning to sue the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis following a trial over bribery…

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KINGABZCOOKS: Food, food, and food pics galore


If there is one thing that keeps Instagram as the pinnacle of the social media industry nowadays other than selfies, belfies and pictures of gorgeous sunsets, babies and other pleasant things, it has got to be food. Food, glorious food. We can’t get enough of it. Since lockdown kicked in, people have been switching from taking mouthwatering pics of restaurant dishes to cheffing it up in their home kitchens, baking and trying out unfamiliar cuisines and new takes on old recipes. The Facebook-owned image curation and sharing site has been for many years now the go-to place for food-related inspiration and travel ideas, but what really makes it cool is that you do not have to be a restaurant chain or a famous TV cook to get people noticing what you brought out of the oven. Anyone with the right skills and a set of half-decent camera equipment…

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Ean Marin (1975) – Marshmallow world — roger’s christmas crackers

One of the rat pack, along with Frank Sinatra, they are artists who are still played at Christmas. This is one of the songs most attributed to Dean at Christmas. Here it is from 1975. 1975

Ean Marin (1975) – Marshmallow world — roger’s christmas crackers

Christmas Time All Over The World — roger’s christmas crackers

As a member of the famous Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop, Sammy cemented his place in music history. His talent was much bigger than the man himself. There was nothing he could not do. Instead of putting a Christmas chestnut up from him, I chose this.

Christmas Time All Over The World — roger’s christmas crackers

A Christmas Miracle — Life’s a Book 📖

Christmas Eve Outside a light flurry of snow began to fall. Silent, pearl-shaped tears rolled down Ava’s cheeks. Tom reached for her hand across the table. “We’ll try again, love.” Ava wasn’t sure she could. Four failed attempts at IVF and their savings almost gone. Each time the heartache was just too much to bear. […]

A Christmas Miracle — Life’s a Book 📖

Quarantine Cooking: All-Natural Acai Bowl Recipe