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By Vaila Bhaumick

I got a message from a friend this morning to say her mum had passed away after a short battle with cancer. Death always gives us such a jolt, reminding us to be grateful for life, for every breath. We shouldn’t need reminding, but sometimes we do.

I could hear the late chef and fellow travel enthusiast Anthony Bourdain’s voice ringing in my ears: “Get up off the couch, move!”. Not that I’ve been sitting around for the entire lockdown, but we all know there hasn’t been a lot of moving.

Travel Is My Lifeblood

This may be controversial for some people, but I can’t wait to travel again. I’m not scared. But before you tell me I’m being selfish and should think of all the vulnerable people out there, let me tell you about a lecture I watched the other day.

In the lecture

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Define Gloucester Summer 2020: — Good Morning Gloucester

Define Gloucester Summer 2020: — Good Morning Gloucester

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liniste — Oovi’s Weblog