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VICTORIA ELIZABETH WATSON AGE: 16 Missing from Saint Joseph, Missouri




Better humans

It Begins: Ohio Bans Use of Hydroxychloroquine To Treat Virus Pandemic Sufferers


Runaway kids~

Let’s play fill in the blank…


minney richani

Can males still compliment females without the female feeling threatened? Can males still compliment females without being perceived as predators? The answer is yes, although this singular response is too elementary for a complicated issue. In a recent situation involving a male complimenting me, a female, complications arose as to whether I considered the situation threatening or not. The situation wasn’t a dramatic one; it was merely an exchange of a few words. However, inner conflict stirred within me as I tried to quickly analyse the words directed at me, ‘hey, nice car.’ My first glance was instinctive, to place a face with the words. And even then, I was already in defence mode. The triggers were two white strangers who were young adult males and whom I presumed to be heterosexual. According to a 2012 survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, of all women who had experienced one…

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I dreamt I was an abandoned lover watching her in a white dress that should have been spoiled

minney richani

The ocean brought her back from a solace she couldn’t commit to for what was best for her was a moment intruded by familiar pain intruded my family gain she loaded her boat with guilt, with fear, with weakness with a broken promise to the person who’s heart she prepared on the rusted anchor a heart she prepared to abandon to the depths of the ocean she returned to outdated ways that would shape her future days there was no love lost she knew where it was and stepping back onto the rocky shore she chose to close that door chose not to have answers chose to deserve less

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