The Happy Traveler

Today my mother would have been 92 year old.  She passed away in 2013.  She was born in Mt. Vernon, Illinois and had ten siblings.  Five were from her mom and dad and five were from her mother and her first husband.  One of my mothers sisters, Rosebud, died in infancy…and mom spoke of her lovingly and I thought that she knew her, when in reality she had passed away before mom was born.  It seemed that mom felt Rosebud’s presence with her…

doll with grey eyes and brown hair Photo by James Sutton on

My mother’s family was very poor and her father was an alcoholic.  She relished in telling me that although the Askew family was poor they always had enough to eat…not like the Quinns who had to forage in the woods for persimmons for their supper.  When she became 16 she quit high school to go to work in the local shoe factory.  She earned $16 per week.  Her sister…

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