Our grandparents knew how to prepare delicious food that would keep for months, even without refrigeration!

Over time, these methods have been forgotten. Today we pay exorbitant costs for food created by scientists and processed in labs.

The lost superfoods that I reveal in my book can cover your nutritional needs for fat, protein, and calories using a very low budget.

They also come from a time when refrigeration was still a distant dream.

With over 126 easy to follow recipes and tips, this book is so organized that anyone, even people with absolutely no prior cooking experience can take advantage of it.

Some examples are:

➡️ Bread on a stick (Cree Bannock) that can be cooked in a pan over a fire.

➡️ Home-made Spam that will keep for months.

➡️ The “”Doomsday”” survival cracker recipe that was intended for our brave soldiers, and on which the government spent millions to invent!

➡️ The amazing “”Pocket Soup”” recipe which saved the Lewis and Clark expedition.

➡️ How to preserve pasta sauce in a can so it can stay on your shelf for years.

➡️ Delicious lard with a one-year shelf life.

➡️ Johnny Cakes – the Native American Superfood that saved American Colonists in the winter of 1621.

➡️ Much, much more!

Want to learn more about these Lost Superfoods?

Get more information here:


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