Okay so maybe something went a little wrong yesterday but on a happy note some of the biscuits (cookies) made it to my mother in law’s house. And many made it home again because our cousin can’t eat gluten. Not in a faddish way, in the has the genuine medical problem sensible way.

So in other words as you read De Railed De Railed Part 2 and De Railed Part 3. De Railed Part 4 may not be essential particularly. But it is all true and we still have stocks left.

Opera House

Back to my tale before I get distracted again.

Do you know Mum’s dogs (even my two) are visiting because there is a spider covered in flyspray under a can in her house and she is out and none of us know what to do. Wait that is a distraction.

dead vector-spider_MkqlS9Ud_L “Tell, don’t show, Mum,” screeched Tab. “Tell…

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