Marina Kanavaki

A series of short videos, or, movements that …moved me.

Yes, you read correct: RAIN

and yes, it rained in …my last MbM post too!

…and no, don’t do this!!!!!!

…don’t try to photograph the lights of a moving car in front of you while driving at the same time …in the rain!!!!!!

Yes, I did just that! I couldn’t resist. My eyes were dazzled by the melting lights and it was such fun 😜 …but, as I say DON’T try it!

FYI I did not cause any accident or delay in the traffic! 😉


This time, it’s ‘Victoria’, the storm above us. It made its entrance with an abundance of lightning and thunder [Hera did not appreciate this bad temper one bit!],

but, trust me to find something good in any situation! 😉

I mean, take a look at those melting lights…


So, here…

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