The Happy Traveler

I am 62 years old, and I have not witnessed a pandemic  the scope of COVID – 19.  World wide there are currently documented; 134,235 Coronavirus cases.  Of the virus cases there are 4,965 deaths.  Thus far, 68,898 have recovered.

All of us live in our own little bubble.  We know and are close to what our friends and family and colleagues, tell us.  Perhaps we have no, current, illness or discomfort…now.  Some of our friends tell us that COVID – 19 is overblown.  Others assure us that it is a political plot.  While many more are certain that the virus could be no worse than a bad case of the flu, and that they have lived through more than one case of this type of illness.

I would point to the famous and political leaders who have already tested positive for the virus.  These are people from both political…

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