It’s the title of the blog y’see, Heroically -Bad- Writer…S…..let me explain.

I was re-blogging the other day and a sudden insight occurred. ‘Wait. The way you’re going about this. Could it not be construed that you are including this writer in an all-embracing sub-genre of Bad-Writers? There are 50+ followers now. Reflect upon this issue’.

So after my wife convinced me to get down from the rockery and put my trousers back on (It’s the cup of tea with three spoonfuls of sugar. Works every time) and settled me down, I realised this matter for once would have to be addressed in a mature and responsible manner.

That brought on a headache. Reality is fine in small measures; I suppose, but addressing the said circumstance as in The Big Picture is a great effort.

For a start stop including other writers in the title. That ‘S’ has to go

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