Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Poem by R. Night


Attack helicopter

This was my son’s response to a girl who is now a boy at his school.  He really has a way of cracking me up.  Trayveon is a funny character, to say the least.  He makes me laugh.  


Help me


Pastor Greg Locke

Frasier Music Video

Day #2 Writing Challenge


    Something that someone once told me about myself that I never forgot is that I don’t listen.  That I am a terrible listener.  That I always cut people off and jump in with my two cents and at that moment in time it’s not welcomed.  I have consciously tried to become a better listener but I continue to fail on a daily basis. This horrible quality in myself really deteriorates a lot of my relationships on a daily basis.  Note to self-close mouth and let the ears do the work.  Maybe one day I will master the art of listening before I die, who knows.  If you have someone that is a good listener in your life keep them because it is a fine art for sure.  Godspeed!