stop footling 1

Note: Although this might seem a slightly disturbing conversation the writer has been categorised as as sane as any writer would care to be and is allowed to drive, use kitchen implements without supervision and cut branches off of trees, in mild weather.


Yes, you, or should I say Captain Prevaricating Wanderer. From now on it’s going to be tighter, see. You’re going to have listen up, see. You gonna do it my way, see.

Why have you slipped into Edward G Robinson mode?….Oww those mental thwacks to the frontal lobe can really sting y’know!

Would you rather me do a Drill Sergeant out of Full Metal Jacket?

Heavens t’Betsy no! There are ladies on this site, and I may have my failings but I will uphold to good old fashioned British standards of decency don’t-cha know. I will therefore listen. See how I metaphorical sat upon the floor…

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