Day 1 Writing Challenge


    Ten things that make me really happy.  Here goes.

#1 Church.  I love my church and I love the information that I soak up from the services.  Every service that I attend always pertains to my life somehow.  I love how I feel when I leave the church and it always helps me to strive to be a better person.

#2 My husband.  My dearest Michael is the most integral person in my life.  He is my heartbeat the step beneath my feet.  He sees my highs and my dries and sticks to me like super glue.  In all my years I have never known what love really is until he stepped back into my life.  I would say he stepped back into my heart but he never left my heart, he always lived there from the first time our eyes connected.  He keeps me grounded, he always listens to me, he always does for me, he is my confidant, he handles my crazy with grace, my lover, my everything.  Words can’t convey how much this man means to my circle of life.

#3 My children.  All six of my children melt my heart.  They are all unique and are all special and they all hold a special place in my heart.  I truly don’t have favorites, they all are my favorites in their own special ways.  Their struggles teach me how to be a better parent and that life never goes without challenges. They are amazing children of God that I have been blessed with.  I try to touch their hearts daily and mold them into the warriors of Christ that God intended. Without them, I couldn’t breathe.  A childless life would be a horrible life.  

#4 Frasier.  This is my all-time favorite television show.  I can relate every aspect of my life to a Frasier episode.  My only hope is to see a Frasier reunion.  I think it would still make for good shows.  Dreams a girl can dream.  Haha!

    #5 Food.  I love to eat.  This woman is not shy.  I love all kinds of foods.  There are still some things that are a do not pass go for me such as sushi but for the most part, I am pretty open-minded when it comes to food.  I used to be such a plain jane with food and over the years I have definitely expanded my palate.  I am blessed to have such an amazing husband that is a chef and I am overly blessed with wonderful foods and pastries as well.  Food is the color of my palate and it makes me happy!  I got asked one time “Do you like Mexican?”  and my answer was “I am Mexican.”

#6 Movies.  I am definitely a movie buff.  I love horror movies, they are my favorite.  I love psychological thrillers and dramas as well.  A few of my favorite movies are Misery, Jennifer 8, Silent Fall, The Shining, Funny Farm, Dead Zone, Dead Silence, Annabelle, Fracture, Mirrors, Wimbledon, Storm Of The Century, The Dark Half, Secret Window, Cabining, the list is just too long.  Those are the ones that I can just rack off the top of my head.  Michael and I have date night every Saturday night and we watch a movie or two and he has an amazing way of finding perfect movies for us to watch.  Saturday, of course, is this girls favorite day of the week.  

#7 Days Of Our Lives. Yes, you’ll rot your brain out woman but I love this soap opera.  My mom used to watch it when I was a little girl and the tradition trickled over into my life.  I just can’t get enough of DOOL.  

#8 Pictures.  I love to take pictures.  I am always like a hotshot paparazzi with my camera.  I figure it is the one thing I can leave to my children when I pass away. They will always have photos to remember our lives by.  On the bright side, Michael is a picture person to and he enjoys the same passion of taking pictures as I do and it makes taking pictures all that more fun.  

#9 Our home.  I love to clean and tend to our home.  It really gives me inner joy to take care of home.  I try to keep it clean, I do DIY, I plant, I decorate…  I love our home.  I think the best compliment ever came from my children where they told me that when we first moved in it was just a house but over the years it really feels like a home now.  The topper to this home was when I made it a home with Michael that is when this house was truly brought to life.  Our loved breathed so much life into this house.  

#10 Blogging.  I really enjoy blogging.  I take time to do it in my spare time and it really gives me sanity to be able to pour out my emotions into posts.  I guess in essence if no one read my blog it would be okay because it is a bloody passion of mine that I couldn’t live without.  Technology really came a long way over the years that really enabled me to have a picturesque style blog with my words and to me, it is an addiction rather than just a hobby.  Once again without Michael, my blog would be nothing.  It would have no feeling attached to it.  Michael’s love really brought color to my blog.  Without the emotion that drives me it would be pretty drab.  I also thank Michael for the art of shortening my posts and guidance when he sits with me, he sees things in my words and posts that I don’t.  I guess my blog to me is my crazy train full speed ahead and I love the title because I for sure feel that I experience many momentary lapses of sanity, haha!


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