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George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley by Helen Fox

I just read a book by Helen Fox and the title is: 

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley


This book has such a creative plot!  An amazing idea that the crows parents are killed by hunters and then George has to go along the road of life alone.  Along the way, he has interesting adventures and oh the creatures that he meets.  How kind and helpful everyone is to George is just touching.  It is such a vivid and joyful story and the characters in this book are amazing.  The story flows like iced tea out of a pitcher into a glass filled with ice it’s just refreshing.      

I just passed this book on to my twelve-year-old son to read because it was such a heartwarming delight and I know he will appreciate the read as well.  After that, I am going to gift this book to school so that the students in his class can enjoy this read.  I am going to order three more copies so all my children will have a copy in their classrooms and hopefully the teachers will pass this masterpiece unto them.  

Helen has an amazing gift and talent that she has graced the world with through her storytelling and I will definitely be reading more of her work.  

Caravelle Smart 270 One Piece Toilet



Today I am going to write a review for this toilet Caravelle Smart 270 One Piece Toilet which is simply fabulous for many, many reasons!!!  

I do a lot of remodeling and DIY around our home.  

I finally got this toilet for our bathroom after a long time of waiting to break my bank to buy it.  My previous toilet wouldn’t flush I had to push the button a few times and then most of the times ended up plunging it and I still had much trouble flushing it.  My old toilet was a Kohler.

I did a lot of research on toilets on Youtube and just surfing the net and this was my choice and I ordered it and voila it arrived.

The installation was a breeze.  My husband ended up doing the lifting for me I did the plumbing, screwing it in, the wax ring and everything and it was easy cheesy! 

The pros to this toilet.  My biggest one I have to rave about is it will flush your face off!  You can put as much toilet paper in there that you would like and it will flush no problem.  Simply stunning.  It fills fast and perfect every time.  

The Australian technology behind this beauty is untouchable compared to the toilets that they offer you in the local Home Depot and Lowes stores.  I know boring a toilet video, who cares but if you are looking to replace your toilet it is worth the shipping fee to get this prized possession.



Another neat feature, especially for a mama of six, is that the toilet seat pops off with two buttons and you can put the whole thing in the tub scrub it down and attach it back on.  And mind you I have six manly beasts in our home and that makes for toilet duty to be a chore at times if you know what I mean.  Sometimes they sprinkle when they tinkle.  The technology behind the toilet seat is so neat because it screws into place and doesn’t dance while you’re trying to do your business.  I see brilliant engineering in whoever made this seat.  I am so thankful to whoever came up with this novel idea.

The one-piece wipes down so easy and the screws are well hidden.  Another sleek feature I love.

If you need to fix the fill valve there is a twelve dollar piece you can order and to replace it you don’t have to undo the plumbing from the bottom and get wet to replace it.  The valve pops off the stem inside the tank and you pop the new one back on.  


I’m just in awe of this beauty and for me, this was one of the best home projects I have done bar none.  

If you are in the market for a toilet I promise you will not be disappointed.  The Aussies got this right!

Liz’s honest free review!!!

Pastor Greg Locke