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Day 4 Writing Challenge


Day four writing challenge.  Someone that inspires me.  That would be a tough one for me because so many people inspire me and to choose one is very difficult especially for an indecisive person.  I will just have to throw a dart at the wall and choose one at random like that.  

I will just go with Michael, my husband.

He inspires me because he had a dream at a young, tender age of joining the military and he made goals at a young age and achieved them.  He joined the Army and spent twenty-two years in the service.  He retired as an E7 so he had the drive to make rank and have a successful career on top of it.  He is very skilled in his job title of being a chef and he inspires me to do better in my cooking it is like I cook with feeling now and I put much more thought into my cooking 

He is very skilled in his job title of being a chef and he inspires me to do better in my cooking it is like I cook with feeling now and I put much more thought into my cooking now.  I have learned so much from him in the kitchen that I am so thankful to him for.  For example, how to cut an onion without crying, flavor crystals, messermeister, misanplas, how to make kool-aid, that spices expire, how to shop at the grocery store, there is just so much he has taught me in the kitchen I could write so much on that subject by itself.

He is such an amazing parent he has really taught me how to be a better parent myself.  He taught me the art or play and discipline with children.  How to make our house a better place with the kiddos.  If it weren’t for him I don’t think I would be half the mom I am today.

He taught me, love.  I have never known what love is until he entered my life.  I have never felt love or been loved before in my life.  Now that I have this feeling in my life everything in life is much better.  There is emotion behind my every action in everyday life.  There is emotion in my body, my blog, my cleaning, my cooking, my brain is hard-wired with positive, he has the ability to put me in a great mood and keep me there and that matters because it trickles into every crevice of my life. 

He inspires me because we have a house full of six children and he works and does college.  He inspires me to want more in my life because I see how much he toils to get to a better place in life.  It makes me have a real lust for learning that I have always had but now I want it that much more.  

He has inspired my blogging to where he critiqued me and gave me that art of shortening my words where they still make sense and work much better.

Michael also inspires me biblically.  He is a Pastor and I have learned so much about God from him and it is a pleasant experience for me, it really betters my life and enriches my soul.  


Day 3 Writing challenge


Day three writing challenge top three pet peeves.  Well here goes nothing.  I seem to have forgotten to do this yesterday so I have two to do today.  

Pet peeve number one is when someone throws cereal out in the sink with milk and cereal still in it and it crusts over in the sink and it is hard to wash.  UGH!

Pet peeve number two is poor customer service or non-existent customer service. Some people need not be in their jobs if they can’t or hate dealing with people. 

Pet peeve number three is people that have no patience.  I just can’t stand it.  Complaining because lines at the stores are long, no patience driving, no patience with children, no patience with daily tasks, and the list can go on and on.  It just really annoys me that people can’t deal with life.  If they stop complaining their days might go that much better.