The hurt is continual, waiting for change.  A difference to what already has been proven over a wasteland of time.  “Keep your chin up,” he told me.  “Everything will be alright.”  And now, he is gone, as I wade in the aftermath of what was left behind.  Why must another’s neglect to possibilities affect one after so many years?  Why do I cry for a father who once abandoned me, now dead, and for a step-father who chooses to ignore the love that waits to surround him?  I think, I just ache for something I once knew, that was stolen.

My love is an ocean in which I drown.

We must accept what is and release what will never be, and, so today, I let you go.  Your present is the only one left, that waits for you, under my Christmas tree.  A lonely, little package that reflects the girl I once…

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