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“People ask me why I use film and hand print when digital is so much faster. For me, creating art isn’t…”

Art of Quotation

mcreery“People ask me why I use film and hand print when digital is so much faster. For me, creating art isn’t about speed or convenience. It’s about making an image that is self expressive, which is the essence of art.”

– Nathan McCreery, photographer

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Simple Things

Hello Harmony Studio

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe it’s June already! P and I were reminiscing the other day about how waiting for June (our wedding month) last year felt like it took ages to arrive compared to this year. We’ve been so busy with work lately and it feels as though most of our time not working has been spent feeling unwell. I’ve been trying to get out and walk when I can but recently I’ve taken on a few extra jobs on top of my day to day job and my blog/Etsy Shop which has kept me tied down. This weekend will be spent relaxing, reading and hopefully painting! Hope your weekend is lovely too!DSC_1167Our kitchen windowsill – lime basil (which is now almost twice as high), oregano and aloe.

DSC_1156Our neighbour’s new puppy, Chase.

DSC_1171A pretty surprise in our front garden.

photo-4Some pretty spring blossoms on my evening…

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Cry when your child dies?! (BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU DID!!!)


Suicide :(

Love my parents


No One can come between a Mother and her Roomba … Its not Friday?

There is such an empty sadness that fills your home when children whose laughter and shouts of anger have left the hallowed halls. When as a parent you are lucky to receive a text message from your child who used to speak real words to you daily and smile at you like they meant it, not to mention whisper words of love; that these children had the audacity to actually grow up and continue on with their lives, leaving you somewhere behind. And I am so proud, but I am also so invested, letting go is definitely not in the mother’s manual of learning how to cut the cord, because there isn’t one.

I was a teenage mother who graduated high school six months pregnant. The whole of my life has been my family. My first born daughter was an only child for six years; her father and I were…

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The Hurt

The hurt is continual, waiting for change.  A difference to what already has been proven over a wasteland of time.  “Keep your chin up,” he told me.  “Everything will be alright.”  And now, he is gone, as I wade in the aftermath of what was left behind.  Why must another’s neglect to possibilities affect one after so many years?  Why do I cry for a father who once abandoned me, now dead, and for a step-father who chooses to ignore the love that waits to surround him?  I think, I just ache for something I once knew, that was stolen.

My love is an ocean in which I drown.

We must accept what is and release what will never be, and, so today, I let you go.  Your present is the only one left, that waits for you, under my Christmas tree.  A lonely, little package that reflects the girl I once…

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RE-POST: In Honor of my Father on the 10th year of his passing

The Best and Worst advice

“Keep your chin up.”  It was a hollow expression.  I needed more from my dad.  They brought me, absolutely, no comfort.  Those same words today, I desperately crave from him.  I find myself picking up the phone just to hear his voice.  A boisterous sound that has now, sadly, gone silent in my head. 

My father passed away 9 years ago and today is his birthday.  In my quest to bring light into our lives by simple, achievable kindnesses, it also means for me to gain my voice.  To be seen and to be heard.  In his honor, I am finally speaking out loud. I assure you, he thanks you, as much as I do, for your love and support.

He was a good man.  He loved life to excess and hid demons like the rest of us.  He did not…

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