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Neutered cat with Blue balls

Saint P. Blogging

We have always adopted cats that had been fixed to help cut down on the large population of unwanted animals.  After our first two cats had passed away, we waited a month before adopting again.  Had gotten rid of most of the old toys because the memories we had of playing with our cats and the toys hurt too much.

After we finally decided to adopt again, we brought home a tiny grey fur ball.  The humane society we got him from had named him Dash.  To help the cat settle in, we did not change his name.  Now I know why they named it Dash.  He dashes everywhere.  One end of the house to the next.

Jason decided to try to get him new toys.  He got a pack of blue ping pong balls.  There is no where to sink it’s claws into on the balls, so the cat…

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Opened the windows first time this year!

Saint P. Blogging

  Not an April’s Fool joke, it is supposed to reach the upper 70’s (Farenheit) here in St. Paul, MN today.  So Jason opened the windows to let the house air out a little before the storm we are expecting tonight hits.  Tomorrow, will be back to the lower 60’s.  Friday, lower 40’s.  The fun of spring weather in this state.
Our cat (named Dash by the huimane society we adopted him from) keeps dashing around the house like someone tried cutting his tail off.  We refer to him as dorky Dash, because he is really darky.  Jason is downstairs playing a game on his Playstation, so he left the door open so Dash could come down if he wanted to.  Cat is too chicken to go down without Jason coaxing him each step of the way.  So I eventually, just closed the door to downstairs.
It is…

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I Am Not An Object


*Possibly a slightly controversial post ahead.*

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My two cents:

I believe modesty is very important, don’t get me wrong. But when a girl gets the flak for something she has very little control over, such as the way a guy looks at her, that’s where I draw the line. When a girl is told she can’t wear something because it will set off a guy, that’s where I draw the line. And this extends further than just within a school setting.

No, I’m not saying that girls should just throw away all sense of modesty and run around in skimpy outfits because “it’s the guys’ problem.” I’m saying that people need to stop viewing this whole issue as solely the girls’ fault. It’s not.

A girl’s wardrobe should not have to change because a guy is “having problems”. What if she’s wearing a perfectly conservative shirt…

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Envy, as seen from the Halcyon Pond

Saint Joan (Creative Studio)

Guest post by Nadia
Reflections on Halcyon Pond & The World Beyond Halcyon Pond
Remarks on Envy™, The Food Drink of Glampions

Envy is the sin that “looks with grudging hatred upon other men’s gifts and good fortune, taking every opportunity to run them down or deprive them of their happiness. (Dorothy Sayers Purgatory, Notes on Canto XIII)

It is an impoverished soul who seeks to deprive others of their happiness. It’s bad enough that any soul would want to diminish others. The end result should bring them pleasure, but it rarely does.

The soul’s poverty can be so deep that it cannot be filled, at least not from outside sources. They take from others but with no positive returns, the result is a net negative. And that is what I appreciated about your post. First, envy is poisonous and second, it is fed by people’s “twisted opinion of…

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Christians should shut up about Bruce Jenner already

Thank God it isn’t raining again today.