The Best and Worst advice

“Keep your chin up.”  It was a hollow expression.  I needed more from my dad.  They brought me, absolutely, no comfort.  Those same words today, I desperately crave from him.  I find myself picking up the phone just to hear his voice.  A boisterous sound that has now, sadly, gone silent in my head. 

My father passed away 9 years ago and today is his birthday.  In my quest to bring light into our lives by simple, achievable kindnesses, it also means for me to gain my voice.  To be seen and to be heard.  In his honor, I am finally speaking out loud. I assure you, he thanks you, as much as I do, for your love and support.

He was a good man.  He loved life to excess and hid demons like the rest of us.  He did not…

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