An Arizona Tragedy

The Final Curtain


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An Arizona Tragedy

The year was 1967. There was exciting news on radio, television, and in the daily papers. Some of the news was reasonably good, some very bad.

Vladimir Komarov, a Russian cosmonaut, died as his descending spacecraft got entangled in its parachute cords.

Congress was fighting about taxes … okay, not so tantalizing!

In May of 1967, the United States Marines took ‘Hill 881’ (the ‘forbidding twin peaks’) just below the DMZ in Vietnam, and there were many casualties.

A huge segment of the world’s population was all atwitter with the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Presley were on their honeymoon in Palm Springs, California.

Joey Bishop was trying very hard to make it on late night television.

There was a national deficit of some twenty-four billion dollars … could this year have been part of…

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I Wonder

The Final Curtain

Bill Chitwood

Billy Ray Chitwood 

I Wonder

Many years ago, on my way home from a ‘boy’s night out’, after a delightful evening and after planting one more goodnight kiss on the lovely lips of my fair lady, the incurable romantic within me possessed my heart and mind. Still feeling the mild vapors from a few drinks, I began to sing, the words coming from some source I’ve yet to adequately and poetically identify. A soft ballad it was, words and music all, and it stayed with me. Arriving at my bachelor apartment I set up my recording device and sang the song into the mike…later on I would have my cabaret piano friend write the sheet music based on that taping – I feel music but cannot write the sweet symbols on those ‘key’ lines…through the years I would write a number of songs in the same fashion.

Having reached…

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What you seek is seeking you

10 Things


  1. Make time to go to the places you want to go to, whether it be the bookstore, park, or a different state.
  2. You’re not meant to like everyone. People are unique, different. But tolerance is key.
  3. Dont’t forget to check on up on them frequently- loved ones, friends, acquaintances. Let them know you think of them.
  4. No amount of worry or regret will alter your past. Leave your past where it belongs.
  5. Everyday should be a celebration of health and happiness- a celebration of yesterday’s mistakes and today’s chances.
  6. Try not to focus too much on why the circumstances are the way they are, rather, focus on how to adjust and cope with whatever you’ve been handed.
  7. Remember that people are trying to do the best they can with what they have but it doesn’t always mean they’re going to make the right choices.
  8. People want to be happy, loved…

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Sydney Sweetheart

fargo title

Finally saw the tv adaptation of this, this week. Let us give thanks for the incredible art direction in everything the Coen brothers touch.

Fargo Opening

I hope everyone identified with the Lester Nyggard character as much as I did.


It’s not the best show to watch if you’re trying to stay warm. And it’s guaranteed to leave you with a touch of Minnesotan accent. One of the most beautiful, hilarious, twisted shows of the last few years.

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The never ending complicatedness of simplicity.


My eyes are heavy, can’t hardly stay awake. My dream world beckons to me telling me to give in to the desire. That pure feeling of absolutely nothing… ahh, pure divinity! Darkness takes me, and I find myself wandering in circles. The clouds part, the sun sinks and the stars unveil themselves…My ‘night’ has fallen.

And though I can feel your presence grow ever stronger, ever nearer…I can never reach you, for I am too lost in my dreams. Nothing else matters, not you, not me, not my sanity. Just let me be free, innocent, and careless. I desire simple things; however, to some this may be hard to understand, the never ending complicatedness of simplicity.

~ Stardust 1035


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Nothing is as it was~


Pick me up


Mean what you say!