Day 6 Writing challenge done and just in time.


Day 6 Writing Challenge:

5 ways to win my heart:

1.     Being loved and the love reciprocated back.  There is nothing sexier than a man that is in love.  You will never have to question that when you have it.  You will feel it.  Unconditional loyalty to me.  Worry-free relationship.  The kind of love that makes everyone wish they were you.

2.     Food, cooking, a man who can work it in the kitchen.  I love to eat what can I say.  I love good food.  I love to try out all kind of new recipes.  Desserts oh my gosh I love desserts.  A full course dinner every day.  A romantic dinner now and again.  A picnic under a tree.  Wine me, dine me kind of man.  I like 5-star courses right down to the greasy food at the local shops.

3.     Spontaneous man.  A man who makes plans and says let’s go.  As a family of course.  I made my children and don’t roll without them.  A trip to the ocean, observatory, mountains, cabin in the snow, out of state rendezvous, a dream is to finally make summers memorable with my children.  Just making memories that last a lifetime.

4.     Communication, laughter, openness, being candid. not going to be angry, be my rock not a wet sock, conversations, being serenaded, empathy, being sensitive, hold me when I cry, sometimes I don’t need anyone to fix something I just need someone to listen, be mushy with me.  I think you get the gist.

5.     Lastly, I love passion, sensual love, awaken my senses, surprise me, kiss me, hold hands, be silly, fall in love with me over and over again, rub my body, bathe me, it shouldn’t be something that you try it should be natural.  Love to love me.

PS:      I personally have my soap opera love ending in life, my Sami and EJ Dimera ending has happened.  I wish everyone that feeling I have of someone that has won your heart it is indescribable. Best wishes all on someone winning your heart!

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