I am loving who I have in life :)


It feels so good

Antichrist, America, and Armageddon

Democrats vote out pledge and refuse to stand for flag

Stop putting it off

It’s as stupid as what people do so why not~

You don’t have a vagina but are a boy and you don’t have a penis but are a girl and can identify as such. Which is plain idiocy.

So why can’t we the people identify with whatever we want and go make it happen. Identify as whatever you want and go with it…

Make San Fran great again and just go to work remember you are Nancy!

A great man

There’s a Catch

Bed Bug Killer, Lice, Roach, Flea, and Tick Residual Treatment and Preventer, 1 Gallon

I’m looking to start early for fleas and ticks this year. Came across this product and wonder if it works well on fleas and ticks.