Border Wall Construction Revealed by Drone

Tajci Cameron​ & Sanya Mateyas “O COME O COME EMMANUEL”

Their dream or yours — from plastic to reality | Tajci Cameron | TEDxCincinnati

You Didn’t Call – Tajci

How I’m feeling right now~

Flu or love?

My cat is so proper

If they were Cajun

Bourbon Street Revival

1 Y E A R C E L E B R A T I O N !!!

•FULL Jesus In A Bar album (only here) ✅
•Jesus In A Bar / Bourbon Street SHIRTS, HATS, SWAG etc. ✅ (all proceeds go to BSR)
•Baptisms ✅
•most of all JESUS

If you’ve ever came to Bourbon Street revival, make plans to COME BACK!! Let’s celebrate together!

If you’ve never been to Bourbon Street revival but have always wanted to come, I’m telling you this IS the time to come! It’s going to be absolutely incredible beyond belief!
We are fasting and praying into this year celebration and believing for so much more!

March 29-30!!!

Posted by: Chris Burns

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