Little kid dancing to ‘Thriller’

When Michael Jackson gets every generation 

Vegetable cutter

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Discover the Keys to Staying Full of God

God is good, and He’s always trying to get good things to you. He wants to release His love to you more than you want it. If there’s ever an issue with your relationship with Him, check your receiver; the blockage is never from Him. #GospelTruth

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It’s YOUR Fault That Your Kid Is Obese

Who controls a child’s diet and screentime?

I lost my cool halfway into this.

NOTE: yes, social determinants of health affect childhood obesity. Education, availability of fresh fruit and vegeteables at affordable prices, the insidious influence of a heavily subsidized processed food industry and the related advertising aimed at kids, etc. And yes, there are disorders that lead children to gain weight despite tremendous effort. But this video is aimed at what parents can and must directly control, NOW.

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Christmas Vacation

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How To Make Garbage Bread

Wait—WTF is “Garbage Bread” 

Full recipe:

Self-Reliance: Recession-proof your pantry

Baked Chicken Pesto

Create a Garden with No Soil, and Little Work

My Michael is looking forward to working VBS again this year