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As I continue to minister around the world and interact with thousands of saints yearly, I seem to consistently run into an onslaught of them who are actively grumbling and complaining toward church leaders. Maybe it’s because people know that while I do travel itinerantly, I also planted a church and have been involved in leadership for years so they feel I’m a safe place to vent to. Regardless, my heart has been very burdened lately by all the conversations I’ve been having with disgruntled saints.

As I continue to listen to the grumbling and complaining of people toward their church leaders, the conversations seem to keep finding their root in COMPARISON. “My pastor is not like so and so” as they go on and on about their disappointments and frustrations. I recently told a woman, “You do know that your pastor(s) will never be like your favorite social media revivalist right?” She looked at me with disgust and said, “Why not? He needs to step up his game then!”

It’s like saints are yelling, grumbling, and complaining toward their local church leaders nowadays because they don’t have the skills of Michael Jordan on the court.

Saints, it is totally unfair to compare your pastor(s) and local church to your favorite internet preachers. The standard, callings, anointings, and giftings are totally different! If you follow a prophet online that walks in a national/international anointing and call, it is totally bogus and bizarre to expect your pastor(s) and church to flow in that kind of mantle. That’s like getting mad at a dog for not being a lion! Get over it.

If you are online following a world renowned bible teacher and book author, of course your pastor(s) is not going to teach at the depth and level they are. That’s probably why they are on television and your pastor(s) is not lol. That’s like expecting a cow to be an elephant. Get over it.

If you are following an evangelist who wins thousands of souls and demonstrates signs, wonders, and miracles wherever they go, it is totally bogus and bizarre to expect your pastor(s) to operate in that kind of mantle and win and deliver your city to Jesus in a week or else. That’s like getting mad at a cat for not being a horse.

Most church leaders that I know are just trying to do the best that they can with what they have. Grumbling and complaining because they don’t walk in some superstar anointing like your favorite social media preacher isn’t fair. Sorry they can’t preach, teach, and prophesy like your favorite minister. It seems like there is so little love, grace, concern, and care for local church pastors these days. Maybe your pastor(s) doesn’t suck, maybe it’s your extremely high standards and expectations that suck. Maybe comparison sucks. Maybe it hurts everyone involved. Maybe it’s easier to grumble and complain on the internet about the church and its leaders than to actually join a community of believers and make a difference for a change.

Tired of all the grumbling and complaining,

Jeremiah Johnson