Mom I love you

Like 6:45

I just donated a bunch of my closet

My closet now looks like clothes I actually wear 😍

This is a good thought

No no no

God bless you

We can still be kind

I remember these ouches

Can’t watch that movie

I can’t watch a movie knowing that we haven’t watched it together yet. So I have to watch something that you’ve seen so that way I’m not spoiling our date night 🍿 movies 🎥

People helping people

Sometimes I think people fail to realize that people like helping people. I was instilled with good work ethic and a sense that when you work you work for the Lord not for man alone. It’s self gratifying to do things for others. There are people that actually like working and doing things for others with no strings attached. So when I work at home or at a job I do things above and beyond my call of duty and I love it when I make an impact that puts smiles on peoples faces. I love to help my husband, my children, my parents, my coworkers, etc… I’ve learned that you can use your talents and gifts to help others no matter how menial or little you think they are. The smallest things can really make an impact on people that you might not even realize you’re doing. There will always be people that take offense to help and kind gestures but in life don’t let that get you down and keep on keeping on.