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Hey Dads

Hey Dads

Just a some encouragement for you. I know it’s not easy being a dad and it’s not something they ever really prepare you for. Some of you didn’t have a dad growing up. Some of you had one, but wished you didn’t. Some of you had the best dad in the world and you’re trying to figure out how to live up to that. Whatever your background, know this you:

You are a great dad and you have the best job in the world.

Don’t take for granted those early mornings where they want to climb in bed and snuggle. Ignore the negative stereotypes that we see of dads. You’re not aloof. You’re not lazy. You’re not incompetent.

You can have one of the strongest voices in shaping your kids into future leaders. Give them the space to fail, show them you love them in spite of it and always encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Sure, they have like a 1 in a billion chance of becoming the first baseball astronaut, but if they have that dream give them the love and support they need. They may be 5’2 and have the dream of being in the NBA, but encourage them to work hard and give their best. You can never support your kids enough, but you can easily defeat them before they even have a chance.

You’ll make mistakes. You’ll let your anger get the best of you. You’ll be so tired and worn out that you can’t possibly read that book for the 100th time. You’ll forget their lunch at home or lose the 50th scribbling they made of you where you look like a hybrid between a goat and 400ft tall man. You’re human. Those moments don’t define you. Your response to them will.

Let your kids see you fail. Let them see you make mistakes. Don’t shield them from your imperfections, but teach them to work hard and be forgiving. Teach them that “I’m sorry” is ok and “please forgive me” is something strong men say.

While being a dad isn’t easy, it’s one of the best jobs we could ever have. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough for this job. You are. You’ve been given a gift and entrusted with a miracle. Take it seriously. Put your phone down and get on the ground with them. Ignore the dishes or trash for one minute and look your kids in the eye and ask how they are doing. Help them with their math homework. Hug them tightly before bed. Read that book one more time for them. They’ll forget all the junk you bought them, but they won’t forget that afternoon that dad came home early or took them to the park. Make them a priority and watch them flourish. One day, they’re going to have kids of their own and what you instill in them today will produce fruit in the future.

Posted by: Geoff McLarty

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