2 thoughts on “Just wow

  1. I agree that George Lopez’s joke is not funny but for different reasons. First, the joke has no context other than what ever news I may or may not have seen. With added context, who knows? And second, there are just too many Donald Trumps these days. It would have to be a really good and surprising joke for it to be funny. George Lopez is only repeating the same joke that every one else is saying. And once a joke is repeated too many times it begins to sound more like political beliefs. And no one ever says “I need a laugh let’s turn on some politics.”

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  2. I can’t help but be myself, so I have to say: Not Funny.
    That narcissist idiot in the dumb looking pajamas, and every other Lemming should read up on the reaction time, from ignition and actual lift-off of one of the pajama boy’s missiles, for two things to happen:
    #1 – a group of top-of-the-line aircraft intercept and destroy pajama boy’s missile, or even missiles.
    #2 – one or more B1Bs drop pajama boy’s very last Birthday or Christmas presents he will ever know of.
    So tell me where we would be without President Trump….
    President Obama ignored, and turned a blind eye, to the evidence already on his desk when he took office the first time, that proved beyond a shadow of doubt that CPS was and is corrupt and guilty of crimes against WE THE PEOPLE.
    Obama also lifted the ban against homosexuals donating blood. SO, run right up to any hospital in our country now and sign your parent or your chlld up for surgery…. BUT, I suggest you read the fine print concerning the use of “blood products” and the chances of leaving said hospital WITHOUT HIV/AIDS.
    I could go on and on about the all-too-apparent #AntiChildAgenda….
    AND Hillary already knew the security expected and proper way to ensure security, yet she ignored and undermined Our Nation’s Security. #Prison #AntiAmerican #AntiChild #DefundPPH
    Keep up the great work.

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