Day ten writing challenge to write about something for which you feel strongly.

I firmly believe in putting God first in life and then your spouse.  If you take care of yourself biblically and take care of your spouse as you want to be taken care of then life will treat you well.  



Before anyone goes nuts the second meme on here is for a chuckle factor and yet there is some truth in the second meme as well.  I just know that people get so offended and I’m just putting it out there to take care of your man.  



8 thoughts on “Day 10 Writing Challenge

  1. Well done keeping up with the challenge. Wise sentiments on the first part.
    On the second part. I have one question.
    What’s that guy smoking in his hookah pipe which makes him think all that is actually happening? (Like really takes me back to the 1960s man)😄

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    1. Thanks so much I was sitting in bed last night and it just dawned on me oh yeah I am doing a writing challenge, so needless to say I had some catching up to do. I am not sure what is in that guy’s pipe haha!!! The 1960’s must have been a fun time for sure. I am a 1970’s girl and I was born in the 1970’s so I guess in a way I don’t even know what the seventies were like. I hope you have a great evening Roger!

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          1. It’s becoming an SF cult classic. Basically one character finds out she is a clone; she gradually meets her ‘sisters’, all quite different and being played by the same person (Street-wise grifter; Science genius with dreds; skewed Polish/Ukrainian survivor skilled in combat; a soccer mom…. and others with walk on parts)

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              1. I’d been watching up to half way of series 3 through terrestrial BBC TV, then lost contact. Now with Netflix, surging through. Maybe some of the sub-plots could have done with tightening; but overall it’s my kind of world.
                (Then after this there’s Killjoys, and Jessica Jones, and……)

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