Between them WORD and WP so badly messed up the previous post by turning narrative into gibberish that I have had to start again; thanks Audrey for raising the alarm.

(Worse thing was it looked fine when I posted it ‘something’ happened afterwards……I hate computers and computer programmes)


Many would have been surprised to find out that to Karlyn this situation was fun. She was enjoying herself immensely scaring folk with facial contortions and muffled exclamations. She hauled in breath through her nose to commence a truly wondrous snort at a hurriedly passing farmer

This mischief halted when she caught a tang of the hot pungency of fear, mingled with the aroma of oil on warm metal, much, much stronger than the one she’d experienced in that cosy kitchen; her mind buzzed as a busy hive

‘Ooooh by the way my nose twitches

                   I can smell little…

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