Day 6 five ways to win my heart:

Number one to make me laugh and smile.  Bringing joy into my heart that matters. I love to be happy.  When I am happy it trickles into every crevice of my life.

Number two food.  I love to eat I am not shy and food makes me happy.  Homemade food and pastries and baked goods make me happy. 

Number three loving my kids as their own.  Seeing my children happy and interact with someone as dad makes me happy.  Seeing my children happy makes me happy. 

Number four making time for us.  Having someone who sees importance that time together with each other away from life makes me happy.  Be it a dinner, movie, a night away somewhere, that makes me happy, 

Lastly, conversation and communication make me happy.   I love to have conversation and talk and communication where you can bring someone your issues and have them listen really listen and not retaliate and bring solutions to the table is an amazing thing.  I am passionate and someone that can handle the passion that pours out of me is amazing.  Just being able to conversate about anything in life and where it flows so naturally is just so fun.  Where you can talk about nonsense and anything in life where you are with your best friend is an amazing feeling.

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