Something that someone once told me about myself that I never forgot is that I don’t listen.  That I am a terrible listener.  That I always cut people off and jump in with my two cents and at that moment in time it’s not welcomed.  I have consciously tried to become a better listener but I continue to fail on a daily basis. This horrible quality in myself really deteriorates a lot of my relationships on a daily basis.  Note to self-close mouth and let the ears do the work.  Maybe one day I will master the art of listening before I die, who knows.  If you have someone that is a good listener in your life keep them because it is a fine art for sure.  Godspeed! 

2 thoughts on “Day #2 Writing Challenge

  1. I used to get upset and like Jen, not say anything for a while giving them a chance to realize what they were doing. Now, I actually don’t care for those who interrupt, and those that I value, do not interrupt (too much). Sometimes interruptions are warranted. Other times they are not.
    I have to say that you always let me comment before answering, so I could never tell that you’re an “interraptor”. Hehehhe

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  2. I stop talking and refuse to say anything for a long while when I get interrupted. It is one of the most disrespectful things a person can do. On the other hand, I have caught myself doing that very thing to people who do it to me. They don’t like it much. Its hard to break that habit, I fear

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