4 thoughts on “That’s about it.

  1. This one reminds me of a strip cartoon ‘Brewster Rokkit’ a take on all things Space Opera which celebrates a woman’s legendary capacity for multi-tasking
    Brewster and his equally stupid engineer are marvelling that his Executive Officer Pam (in her start jet fighter) can take on so many alien war ships at once and speculating at her skills
    The final panel is of Pam over her control board, flying her ship, shooting down aliens and making sandwiches while her two off-panel children are saying ‘Mom is my lunch box ready?’….’Mom I can’t find my homework’

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  2. I think the language is what may be seen as offensive. Because there is a difference between a woman being good at something and that’s all a woman is good for. Good at usually implies in addition to; while good for usually lends itself to only.

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