My son Trayveon saw me talking to myself and this is what he said to me:



2 thoughts on “But I do it all the time

  1. Right, I completely agree with you. I always find myself having conversations with myself. He just really made me laugh yesterday when he told me that and then he proceeded to tell me okay what’s wrong mom and maybe I can help make you feel better. My little psychologist at work haha! I am not one of those close-minded people that don’t want to hear new advice or truth. I hope you have a pleasant morning!


  2. I think that depends on the person hearing themselves speak. Because I talk to myself to not only work out problems, but also I challenge beliefs. If I feel a certain way, I aim to understand way I felt that way. People who only hear what they want to hear often times hear what they want because they refuse to bend in the face of logic. I like hearing logic, and it’s not hard for me to except the rational in a conversation even if I don’t like it.

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