4 thoughts on “Does Bigfoot exist?

  1. I said ‘maybe’ because it’s arrogant of us, an arrogant species if ever there was one, to assume we know all the creatures we share this planet with. People have denied the existence of creatures before and then they have been discovered. Take the okapi for one. Then, only the other day I read about the discovery of a monkey thought to be extinct. Some years ago, a coelacanth was found in fishermen’s nets, a fish ‘known’ to be extinct.

    I’m rooting for dragons!:-))

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    1. I absolutely agree with you! I think for us to say that there is no other life out there but us is nonsensical. There is no one here on the planet that knows everything and what lurks where. Dragons I never thought about that. That’s a good poll too! My daughter loves unicorns and my son loves mermaids.


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