4 thoughts on “The haters and naysayers that surround me tell me

  1. Universal response; guaranteed to annoy the socks of ‘naysayers’:
    ‘Yeh. Sure. Y’know…. Whatever’ (and carry on with what you are doing)
    In a W C Fields’ voice ‘Y’don’t say?’

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  2. People love to project their internalized feelings on to you. Whatever is beyond them, they feel you can’t do it. Meaning they are also telling you that they are better than you, and if they can’t succeed, you really won’t do well. It’s why they hate you the most when you do well.

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    1. That’s very good insight! Never thought about that’s why they hate you. I’ve had numerous people tell me I need to leave blogging alone because it will never go anywhere. Just so many negative nilly things about blogging. I don’t make a penny blogging I do it because it’s a passion of mine. If I don’t blog I don’t feel myself. It’s a way of expression for me big time. I just can’t believe all the negative stuff I’ve heard over the years and who has told me those things as well. It’s just crazy and laughable.


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