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Back on Friday April 17th, 2015 at the suggestion of a human resource person who works for my health insurance company, I contacted the ramps supervisor of the company that helps provides ramps for the disabled to their homes.  They are located all over the country through community ramp building programs.  Here in the St. Paul, MN area a landscaping company known as Tree Trust provides the physical laborers.

I called The Ramps Supervisor and he told me I had to provide him with my social security award letter, 2 years full tax returns and the pay stubs we had received from the past 6 weeks work.  He visited my house on Mon. April 27th.  He inspected the design of our house to determine the most optimal location of the ramp.  I pretty well knew which the easiest way to put one in was, but he was the expert.  Turns out…

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