Leah Grant

Cara (1 of 1)

Cara had never been a patient person; in any respect.

Now, she brought colour back to her cheeks with forceful tugs, bit the paleness from her mouth until red blistered her lips. She watched the clock, she waited. As she ran her fingers through her hair, she listened to the wail of a siren close by, to the indistinct clatter of trolleys and footsteps beyond the door.

Still she watched the clock, she waited.

‘How’s the patient?’ The doctor appeared at quarter-to-four.

She shrugged and smiled. ‘Oh, you know, bored, lonely.’

‘Not got anyone coming to see you today?’

‘Actually my brother Ben’s coming.’ She sat up a little straighter. ‘He should be here any minute.’

The doctor nodded. ‘I look forward to meeting him.’

‘Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea.’

He frowned.

‘I mean, doctors, hospitals, they freak Ben out.’ Her gaze shifted to the photograph on…

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