Leah Grant

From here on in, I shall regularly post a piece of my own flash fiction (to be found under the category, ‘Tiny Tales’). Comments, criticism and advice are all welcome. If you’re feeling brave, then post a link to your own pieces of fiction and I will gladly return the favour!!  


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Through the thin gap in the doorway, the room shone.

Danny could feel the pull, the drag of his feet through the carpet towards it. He held on, the sound of his own reproach bouncing off thin, shadowy walls. After several seconds, he attempted to move away, but the smell had already caught him; it slid between the light-filled gap, clinging to luminous particles of air. It filled his head, smothering his brain, his vision, until all he could see was a hand in front of him, the touch of smooth wood beneath his fingertips. He…

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