Am I the only one who desperately hopes radish somehow stains the mouth and fingers like beetroot?

Alas the high-water content cruciferous radish is more akin to rocket than the earthy bulbs which offer that been-smoochin look.

Don’t be fooled by its blushing skin and diminutive size, radishes hold a powerhouse of benefits, including anti carcinogenic properties (they have been proven to kill cancer cells), and can help with urinary tract infections.

Like cucumber, radishes are high in water, so they naturally aid kidney function (UTIs begone!) and cure inflammation.

In spite of their bite, they naturally calm digestion, keep your insides cool and help you go to the toilet because of their roughage.

They’re also fantastic for a cold. I speak from experience. Radishes can cut through mucus like a sword, if eaten regularly because of their high vitamin C content.*

Admittedly, this bunch of radishes were quite milder…

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