A Jeanne in the Kitchen

Aside from all our big, beautiful water birds, like our ducks, geese, pelicans, herons, egrets and cormorants, we also have a wide variety of beautiful small birds too.  The things we see most are the swallows, sparrows, robins, spraques, doves, magpies, red-winged black birds and orioles.  But we have many other types of beautiful small birds too.  I try to capture them all on the camera as much as possible, but often times they are just too quick for me, and as soon as I get them in focus, they fly away.  This happened the other day when we saw this beautiful bright yellow bird that we had never seen before.  I tried and tried to get him in my sights, but could not do it.  I will keep trying though.  Here are some of our small birds that we call friends and neighbors too, that I have been able…

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