How to Exterminate Ground Bees


2 Ways To Kill A In Ground Bees Nest / How to KILL Ground Bees Nest

Searching for locations: The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

Thrills, Spills, and just a dash of Romance

The sight of the Peninsula Hotel is very familiar to all who visit Hong Kong, if not to stay but certainly if you want to see the last vestiges of British influence in what was once a far eastern colony.

That is, we’re talking about the front building, not the new tower at the back.  In the older days there would have been a great view of the harbor from the Veranda (that area with the blue striped canopy) where today, breakfast is taken.

We had breakfast, lunch, and the famous afternoon tea in the ground floor cafe.

These days you would mostly see taxis, buses, and Teslas, if not a flurry of Mercedes and green Rolls Royces in the small car park below.  There is no clear view of the harbor anymore.

From our room, one facing the harbor we could see the space museum, and on the day we arrived, rain…

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The day that never ends

Thrills, Spills, and just a dash of Romance

It sounds like the title of a book and maybe I should write it.  Along with the twenty other story ideas that are currently running around in my head.

Is it any wonder I can’t sleep at night.

I’m working on the latest book and it is not going well.  I don’t have writer’s block, I think it is more a case of self-doubt.

This leads me to be over critical of what I have written and much pressing of the delete key.  Only to realize that an action taken in haste can be regrettable and makes me feel even more depressed.

I think I’d be happier in a garret somewhere channeling van Gogh’s rage.

Lesson learned – don’t delete, save it to a text file so it can be retrieved in saner moments.

But the truth still sits there like a parrot on my shoulder.

I was not happy with the previous…

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Searching for locations: The Great Wall of China, near Beijing, China

Thrills, Spills, and just a dash of Romance

This is in a very scenic area and on the first impression; it is absolutely stunning in concept and in viewing.

As for the idea of walking on it, well, that first view of the mountain climb when getting off the bus, my first question was where the elevator is?  Sorry, there is none.  It’s walk on up or stay down the bottom.

Walk it is.  As far as you feel you are able.  There are quite a few who don’t make it to the top.  I didn’t.  I only made it to the point where the steps narrowed.

But as for the logistics, there’s the gradual incline to the starting point, and what will be the end meeting place.  From there, it’s a few steps up to the guard station no 7, and a few more to get up to the start of the main climb.  The top of the wall is guard station no 12.


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#1 Most Popular Ask Marilyn Questions- Part 9

Dumb Joke – The DNA Test…

Jerry Brotherton

After 3 years, a wife starts to think that their child doesn’t look like any of them, so she decides to have a DNA test done.
She gets the results back and finds out that the child is actually from completely different parents.
She tells her husband, “Honey, I have something very serious to tell you.”
“What’s wrong,” he asks?
“Well according to these DNA test results, Peter is not our child.”
“Well sure,” he said. “Don’t you remember? When we were leaving the hospital, we noticed that our baby had a wet diaper and you told me to go change the baby.”

Author Unknown

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Happy 43rd Birthday to My Oldest Son…

Jerry Brotherton

Joshua – 1977…
You probably don’t remember that day. Even for me it now seems like it was another universe. It was your first birthday. We called Fort Ord California home and, as it was with most Army families, we were as penniless as the winos down along the banks of the Salinas River. Your mother baked you a chocolate cake from a .29 cent box mix and decorated it with some homemade icing. We stripped you down to your diaper and sat you in your highchair while we sang birthday songs to you. You laughed as you crumbled your cake into oblivion.

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Meet me on the Moon

Jerry Brotherton

Now for some good news that we might have missed

it ain’t no riot or pandemic so maybe didn’t make your list

For the first time in History a commercial craft flew to space

bringing humanity back into the great race

Though still bogged down with government oversight

cause we all know ‘Red Tape’ can be such a delight

We will see ‘Hitch a ride’ programs where we can buy

a ticket for luxury cruises to take us out past the sky

To hotels and eateries up there on the moon

and apartment complexes that’ll be coming soon

An outer space vacation package up in the stars

I’ll think I’ll wait and take mine on Mars

Just think of the significance of this historic day

when to all of our grand-kids we can proudly say

I remember on one planet we lived out our life

it was so filled with…

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